Split Tests We Dig: Magic Spoon Product Selection

Split Tests We Dig: Magic Spoon Product Selection

Magic Spoon is a DTC company that makes cereal — as they like to put it, "Healthy cereal that tastes too good to be true." We recently spotted an interesting split test on their product selection page. The top image shows the two variants and highlights the areas of difference, but we'll show the zoomed-in screenshots below.

The control, which we see getting 50% of the traffic, offers a traditional dropdown input to select flavor choice:

The variant goes with buttons, and in doing so makes it more clear that shoppers can go with either variety packs or specific flavors. One hunch is they are trying to better convert new shoppers who don't yet know what flavor(s) they like.

What do you think: will the variant conquer the control?

Check out the result on our platform here.